Collective Hedonistic Environments Toolkit


CHET (Collective Hedonistic Environments Toolkit) by Intolight

Project description

CHET (Collective Hedonistic Environments Toolkit) by Intolight

At first sight it’s the usual club ambience; a dancefloor saturated with the colours of lights, swirling video projections, and a crowd moving to the music. But appearances can be deceptive. The music and visuals in this club are directly driven by the dancers, with motion-tracking technology sensing their movements and responding in real-time. These clubbers are moving both in a physical space and an overlaid virtual one in the latest version of IDA, the Interactive Dancefloor Application devised by Intolight.

Intolight’s aim is to change the relationship between performers and audience to allow greater interactivity and participation. To this end they have created CHET, a toolkit aimed at enabling collaborators to easily create their own body-reactive environments that blur the lines between crowd and DJ.

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