Musikprotokoll - Austria’s Festival Platform for Contemporary and Experimental Music
Functioning as a kind of laboratory, musikprotokoll invites the audience to embark on an exploratory journey to discover the latest developments and trends in music, with all the artistic risks that this entails. From orchestral music with the ORF Radio Symphonieorchester Wien to chamber music, from live performances to sound installations, musikprotokoll highlights a wide range of intriguingly varied forms and genres and presents works that are for the most part developed and produced specifically for the festival.

Dedicated to contemporary and experimental music and intermedia activities, the musikprotokoll programme features outstanding protagonists of current artistic trends and has throughout the festival’s long history always placed Austrian positions in an international context.
Founded by Emil Breisach in 1968, musikprotokoll is organised annually by ORF (Austrian Broadcasting). It is a coproduction of its two stations, Radio Österreich 1 and Radio Steiermark, which broadcast the presented works in cooperation with the steirischer herbst festival.

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  • Address: Marburger Straße 20, 8042 Graz, Austria
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  • Next festival: 06 - 09 October 2011
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