The Creators Project, Intel and Vice

The Creators Project was born from a partnership between Intel and Vice.

1. modern day media channel continually identifying and celebrating the work of visionary artists wherever they are.
2. Acting as a content creation atelier.

3. in 2011 introducing The Studio, an arts initiative that will facilitate the production and dissemination of new work, as well as collaborations between artists from a variety of creative disciplines.

4. Distribution of the content takes place at, via a variety of other media including television, mobile, print, and an event series that began rolling out in diverse cultural centers around the world in 2010. The series embarked in New York City with a collection of curated artworks, films, panel discussions and live performances from artists all around the world. It then moved to London, Sao Paulo, and Seoul, culminating in an unforgettable 3-day exposition in Beijing. 2011, The Creators Project is partnering with Coachella, one of the world’s premier music festivals. As Coachella’s first-ever creative partner, we are collaborating with select headlining acts and curating a series of art installations on the grounds.

Selected artwork from the festival along with additional work from The Studio will then travel the world, touring even more cities across Europe, Asia, Brazil and the United States.

We’ll also be partnering with international culture centers in various cities to host multi-day exhibitions and again featuring the most innovative musical performances, interactive artworks, films, curated talks and panels the world has to offer.

The Creators project showcases top creative work from around the world that celebrates creativity, culture and technology–in partnership with the Behance Network. Join now and create a portfolio of your work to get even more exposure and be eligible for funding opportunities via The Studio.

Behance Network, The99% and Action method

1. core product is the Behance Network, the world’s leading platform for creative professionals across all industries.

Members create multi-media portfolios that showcase their work within the Network, as well as throughout partner sites and organizations, and the industry-specific Served Sites. Millions of visitors — including top creative companies, recruiters, editors, and more — come to the Network to see the incredible work and find talent to hire.

access to a global pool of top talent

2. The 99% is Behance’s research arm and think tank. Taking its name from Thomas Edison’s famous quote that “genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration,” the 99% includes a daily web magazine, an annual conference, Through articles, tips, videos, and events, we share best practices that help creative professionals move beyond idea generation into idea execution.

3. Action method is an intuitive task management application for people and teams


OpenIDEO is a place where people design better, together for social good. It’s an online platform for creative thinkers: the veteran designer and the new guy who just signed on, the critic and the MBA, the active participant and the curious lurker. Together, this makes up the creative guts of OpenIDEO.

To become a place where good ideas gain momentum, OpenIDEO depends on participation — your inspirations, his comments, her concepts, our design process. It’s these efforts, these big and small moments of sharing and collaboration, that make this platform a dynamic resource for tackling significant global challenges.

IDEO, a design and innovation firm, developed OpenIDEO as a way to include a broader range of people in the design process through inspiration, concepting, and evaluation.

Principles of the OpenIDEO Community

#1: Inclusive
Recognize and enable all levels of participation from different disciplines. It’s about allowing anyone to contribute to the creative process. Whether it’s a great insight, a beautiful sketch, an encouraging build, or a few words of praise, the platform allows everyone to take part in and feel as if they are a part of the process.

#2: Community-centered
Remember the core strengths of the community and play to them. OpenIDEO is meant to foster a strong, vibrant, lively community that thrives on inspiration — and that we all trust will make a difference. Focusing on this community and its activities is essential.

#3: Collaborative
Promote teamwork among individuals and teams by recognizing the many roles that are crucial to each step of the design process. Always choose collaboration over competition, and create an atmosphere for building on one another’s ideas.

#4: Optimistic
Stay optimistic! You never know when a wild idea might enable others to get closer to a viable solution.

#5: Always in Beta
Design for continuous improvement and iteration and scale deliberately. That goes for the community, the platform, and these principles. To this end, please email your suggestions for making OpenIDEO better.

ScionAV and Toyota

Scion’s commitment to artistic expression provides a platform for passionate artists to focus on developing their art and exploring the endless possibilities.

The Scion brand often applies new practices in all aspects of its business and pushes the creativity envelope with non-traditional advertising and marketing to engage young consumers. Scion also supports originality through its programs in the artistic community. is a repository of information. It’s not solely meant to be a destination site; because of social media, all of our content is all over the Internet. Visitors to the site can RSVP to ScionAV events, view artists that we’ve worked with, look at information… is a repository of information. It’s not solely meant to be a destination site; because of social media, all of our content is all over the Internet. Visitors to the site can RSVP to ScionAV events, view artists that we’ve worked with, look at information…

…the music videos get the most views, the interviews that we do are the only interviews with that artist. So if you’re a fan of that artist, it’s a big deal, because that’s the only video that gets behind the scenes. I wish those were viewed more. But the bloggers that promote our content prefer the videos, so that’s what they talk up and gets viewed.

The trend is that a lot of brands that are targeting that audience feel that they need to do a lifestyle strategy. Everyone has music initiatives now; Red Bull, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Scion…

We had to maintain brand awareness; it was strategic. If a brand doesn’t have new products to promote, it has to do something to maintain that interest. Alcohol companies, Pabst Blue Ribbon for example, can’t keep boasting about the flavor of the beer. At some point, the brand has to align itself with a lifestyle.

Electronic Beats and Deutsche Telekom

Electronic Beats (EB) is the international music program by  Deutsche Telekom centred around live music and club events throughout Europe’s major cities. All activities share a virtual home at with the latest news on artists and events. Committed to the cause of contemporary music, the site features its own EB Radio and EB TV. Completing the media portfolio is the very collectableEB print magazine and the Slices DVD, both appear quarterly through selected distribution channels.

Background information for media Bonn, October 2011
Live Events, Web, Print, and Multimedia: Electronic Beats – Telekom’s Interactive Music Platform
- Live-Events
- Online platforms: EB Radio, TV und Web Shop
- EB Magazine (print) and Slices DVD Magazine

Electronic Beats is an ambitious music-sponsoring program of the Deutsche Telekom. The long list of artists who’ve taken the stage at Electronic Beats events over the past ten years is a testament to just how ambitious it’s become – from Hot Chip, Peaches and Caribou to Dieter Meier, The Human League and Donna Summer.

Since the relaunch of both, the English-language website and Electronic Beats Magazine in the summer of 2011, EB has also managed to pull a number of renowned journalists on board. Under the supervision of former editor-in-chief of Spex Magazine Max Dax and music journalist (and former booker of the legendary Tresor club) Alexandra Dröner, EB has recruited such illustrious writers and critics as Hans Ulrich Obrist, former editor-in-chief of Interview Magazine Glenn O’Brien, and editor-in-chief of The Wire Chris Bohn to help shape its profile. Contributions by musicians, producers and visual artists such as Arto Lindsay, Stefan Betke and Armin Linke (among others) allow for the voices of the artists themselves to be heard.

The Electronic Beats Program is an internally integrated project that also functions as a whole. Musicians that perform within the EB framework eventually appear as contributors and vice versa, sharing their knowledge and experience with readers, viewers and listeners in various media formats – from the Slices DVD magazine to Electronic Beats Web Radio. Worldwide, there are very few large corporations that conceive of their sponsoring programs so boldly and so broadly. Those who experience it will know. EB believes that in an increasingly complex society, complicated connections should be communicated with passion and simplicity.

Concerts and festivals remain at the core of what Electronic Beats is about. Year after year, live events are held in major cities all over Europe – from Berlin, Prague, and Budapest, to Vienna, Warsaw and Cologne. The presentation and celebration of live music stands in contrast to the comfort of downloading music onto a phone or from a home computer. Live audiences can choose from an array of impressive avant-garde and club-oriented acts as well as more established artists – all for affordable prices and always in interesting locations.

These shows are increasingly accessible via digital EB-TV. Exclusive live clips from over 100 Electronic Beats Festivals and from such acts such as Fever Ray, Planningtorock, or Gossip can be accessed in HD quality via Since 2007, Electronic Beats has received numerous BCP Awards, including one gold and five silver, as well as various distinctions from the annual Lead Awards for Year after year, Slices DVD magazine has consistently topped the readers’ polls of a number of electronic music publications, including De:Bug, Spex und Groove Magazine.
And even after ten years on the road, we’re still just getting started . . .

About Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies with around 128 million mobile customers, 35 million fixed-network lines and approximately 17
million broadband lines (as of June 30, 2011). The Group provides products and services for the fixed network, mobile communications, the Internet and IPTV for consumers, and ICT
solutions for business customers and corporate customers. Deutsche Telekom is present in over 50 countries and has around 241,000 employees worldwide. The Group generated
revenues of EUR 62.4 billion in the 2010 financial year – more than half of it outside Germany (as of December 31, 2010).


Kickstarter is a funding platform focused on a broad spectrum of creative projects. The guidelines below articulate our mission and focus. Please note that any project that violates these guidelines will be declined or removed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Projects. Projects. Projects. Kickstarter is for the funding of projects – albums, films, specific works – that have clearly defined goals and expectations.

Projects with a creative purpose. Kickstarter can be used to fund projects from the creative fields of Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater. We currently only support projects from these categories.

We believe that:
• A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide.
• A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.

Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.


TEDx program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.

The TED Conference, held annually in the spring, is the heart of TED. More than a thousand people now attend, the event sells out a year in advance, and the content has expanded to include science, business, the arts and the global issues facing our world.


Webdoc enables you to mix the web to create interactive posts on-the-fly and start rich social conversations.

Webdoc lets you create, share and discover rich interactive posts and engage spontaneously with friends or audience around your interests, passions, events and promotion – when a status update just isn’t enough to tell your story and you don’t want to start a blog.

Webdoc Announces Deals With SoundCloud, Songkick & Topspin 

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