CTM is a prominent international festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of sound and club culture. Since 1999 has been taking place concurrently and cooperatively with Transmediale – the international festival for art and digital culture, Berlin.

CTM’s aim is to present the most outstanding international productions in adventurous, experimental and electronic music and audiovisual performance, as well as to reflect recent artistic and technical developments in panels, screenings and presentations.

CTM presents projects that experiment with new aesthetic parameters and new forms of cooperation, develop possibilities for informational and economic self-determination, and reflect on the role of contemporary music against the backdrop of technological and social transformations. Now more than ever, music emerges as a laboratory for multiform experiments and as an active agent that allows for new cultural techniques to be tested and proffered to the wider world. CTM puts the focus on direct experience, risk-taking and personal interaction, and thereby emphasizes the situational potential of live performance, the interplay of various media – sound and image, in particular – and candid exchange between sub-cultural and academic initiatives.

CTM Festival is an independent project and organized by DISK/ club transmediale GbR, and by the association DISK – Initiative Bild & Ton e.V.

Next to the annual festival the two bodies produce and curate events and projects during the year, both in Berlin and abroad. DISK/CTM is also a founding member of the ICAS/ECAS network. DISK is the host organization of the Berlin based project space General Public.


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artistic director, head of administration › email
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artistic director, head of communications › email
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artistic director, head of production › email
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project coordination, office management › email
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Facts & Numbers

CTM 2010
•    300 participants of more than 25 countries
•    more than 100 concerts, performances and DJ-sets
•    9-day discourse program (talks, discussion, presentations, screenings)
•    3 exhibitions and 9 commissioned art installations
•    14 workshops
•    two-day Creative Independents Network Market
•    one-day meeting of international music and media art festivals (ICAS)
•    4 partner-events
•    large number of collaborative projects with national and international partners

•    19 000
•    1/3 international, 1/3 national, 1/3 regional

Professional visitors:
•    1100 (together with transmediale)

•    download audio-compilation
•    96 page catalogue

Press quotes

“One of Europe’s leading club festivals”
(De:Bug, 2010)

“The German capital is renowned for ist alternative club scene, so if you want a taste of the unusual, CTM’s annual festival is just the ticket.”
(Easy Jet Magazin, 2010)

“exciting and independent”
(Laut.de 2010)

“CTM Festival sets the tone in the fields of experimental and electronic music”
(Intro 2010)

“You’ll hear a great deal of music you’ve never heard before. Don’t be scared. The able-bodied folks who curate CTM Festival consistently do a remarkable job of finding top-shelf artists to help expand your musical vocabulary.”
(Boston.com, 2010)

“At CTM Festival, avant-garde and mainstream, conceptual subtle sonic experimentation and club culture have long ceased to be mutually exclusive”
(Jens Balzer, Berliner Zeitung, 2010)

  • Info
  • Address: DISK / CTM GbR, Schönhauser Allee 167c, 10435 Berlin, Germany
  • Website: http://www.ctm-festival.de/
  • Email: contact@ctm-festival.de
  • Phone: +49 (0)30 44041852, fax: +49 (0)30 44045827
  • Next festival: 30 January – 5 February 2012
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