XOSAR (The Hague)

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The American born, Netherlands based producer’s beguiling sound is a mix of unnerving atmospheres and uplifting emotions, keenly bolted onto raw house and techno tempos. 

Already released by globally recognized labels like Rush Hour and L.I.E.S., Xosar is adept in the live arena with her energetic and graceful laptop-free show of Korg Electribes, Kaos pads and other hardware toys. A hugely immersive and brooding affair. Her debut EP, “Tropical Cruize” (released on L.I.E.S.) was called “occult-tinged public access house music” on Clone.nl and subsequently made it to #1 on their charts.

Xosar has been touring a lot with another of our acts of this year, Legowelt, this is what he told beatport about her:

“She has a more broad melodic sense. For example, her melodies are more exotic than mine and evolve more and take longer, using different colorful scales, and she will play a lot of stuff by hand while I am more into programming it note-for-note into a sequencer. Her sense of structure in a track is also more organic than mine. I pretty much use standard structures but Xosar can derive from that and steer the track into unknown paths. We learn a lot from each other. Like, she taught me how to use Ableton and all that melody structural stuff from above, while I can bring in some more knowledge about timbres and synthesis. And she always tells me I am better at drum programming, but I don’t really think that. I guess we are both not really into drum programming and more interested in the atmospheres that sounds and melodies can create.”

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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