Working through the insulation


Workshop by Locomofon
Working through the insulation – wearable audio computing

In the Tromsø winter, social interacting gets challenged when language, sound and touch competes with the thick, bulky clothing northern life requires. In this workshop, we will play with smart fabrics and physical computing to see if we can make our padded spheres less private by allowing them to be a basis for shared musical interfacing.

The workshop will double as a general introduction to soft circuits and the Arduino platform. No prior skills needed, but basic knowledge of electronics and synthesizers might come in handy. Bring a pair of scissors and whatever clothing you would like to modify.

The workshop will be held by Locomofon, a small company specialized in custom made effect effects and electronic gadgets.

Register here , and remember to get the festival pass witch is needed to attend. The workshop is held over two days and you need to attend both.

Monday 21.10 – 19.00-21.00
Tuesday 22.10 – 19.00-21.00


Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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