UNSOUND PODCAST #10 – Kreng presents Main Titles

The wonderful Miasmah artist Kreng was asked by Unsound to make a podcast tying into our 2010 “Horror – the pleasure of fear and unease” theme. He created a unique mix, with music taken from a wide array of horror and sci fi soundtracks, described here in his own words: “This turned out to be a vicious slow burner, calm and slow in the beginning but gradually evolving into a hideous monster.” Please note that this is not representative of what Kreng will do with the Belgian theatre group Abattoir Fermé at Unsound Krakow, with whom he will perform – will be some interesting surprises there, for sure.

Listen to this podcast in the dark, alone, with a full bucket of popcorn.
Here’s the splendidly diverse track list:
0000 – ‘I Am Criswell’ – Jeron Criswell Konig – Taken from ‘Orgy Of The Dead’ – 1965
0040 – ‘Main Title’ – Marius Constant – Taken from the Television Series ‘The Twilight Zone’ – 1964
0110 – ‘Main Title (Kreng Stretch) ‘ – Max Steiner – Kreng remix; from Max Steiner’s 1935 score for the movie ‘She’
1100 – ‘Main Title’ – James Horner – Taken from ‘Aliens’ – 1985
1536 – ‘Main Titles’ – John WIlliams – Taken from ‘E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial’ – 1982
1632 – ‘Driveway To The Cemetery (Main Titles)’ – Spencer Moore – Taken From ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ – 1968
1850 – ‘Zombi (Main Title) – Kreng Remix’ – Goblin -Kreng remix;from Goblin’s score for ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ – 1978
2826 – ‘Main Title’ – Bernard Herrmann – Taken from ‘Sisters’ – 1973

Compiled & Mixed by Kreng @ The Attic 31 July 2010
Thank you, Kreng! Hope everyone enjoys this as much as we do…