Unsound Festival returns to the town of its birth – Krakow, Poland – this October 13th to October 20th for its 11th edition.

For the last few years Unsound Festival has chosen a specific theme as a way of exploring and organizing the program around a basic concept, which is then elaborated on via the selection of artists. In 2013 the theme for Unsound is INTERFERENCE. This relates to the physics of sound, including the overlay of varied sound waves and rhythms, distortion, disrupted audio, sonic disturbance, and the act of obstructing or impeding. More than ever before, these elements are used in a wide range of contemporary music, from the developing noise scene to ever- evolving club music.

Additionally, the theme will be explored for its social and cultural significance, questioning the meaning of “underground” in today’s networked, commodified and data-driven world. INTERFERENCE will set this year’s Unsound festival on the amorphous border between entertainment and challenging experience, often playing against the easy consumption of music and demanding engagement from audiences. You won’t find huge headliners at Unsound. It won’t be transmitted via the Internet in easy video chunks. But for one week the festival will create a unique temporary autonomous zone for audience and artists alike that will feel like nowhere else.

The theme will also manifest itself via the placement of unique installations and performances in unusual spaces.

An example of this will be “Sleep Concert” by ambient music legend ROBERT RICH. Robert’s San Francisco sleep concerts of the 1990s were legendary affairs, lasting throughout the night, but he has not performed this way before a live audience since 1996. Expect more details soon, and in the meantime be sure to get your sleeping bags and feather pillows ready.

Unsound Festival is also delighted to announce that PORTER RICKS will perform their first live show in many years at the festival. Thomas K