Truls Puls put down his guitar as a young boy. The reason was that he had discovered scratching. Soon his love for the decks grew stronger and stronger. This strong interest lead the young boy into playing at the local youth club. Things escalated and soon Truls had gotten his own club night at the local and legendary klubb Undergrunn. This club was a small, experimental club that played everything from Hip hop og techno to indie and rock. This mixing of genres was going to be Truls´ trademark when he left the windy city of Bodø. He then moved to Bergen and started the DJ-duo Floora together with DJ Nuteq. Even though their record, which was signed with EMI norsk, never got out, they toured all over Scandinavia with Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band and Sondre Lerche. Truls Puls has also played with DJ Krush, DJ Vadim, The Herbaliser, Röyksopp, Bjørn Torske and Kaptein Kaliber. He is a certified partyrocker and a genuine music lover. Puls was also a key figure in during the electronic music festival Klubbfestuka i Bodø and he recently started the label Draug Media. He was Joddski´s live-dj, and completes the two-headed technomonesterduo Itza Itza.

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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