Tools for an Unknown Future – Brussels/The Hague

The ‘Tools for an Unknown Future’ symposium modules features keynotes, talks and a panels by world leading practitioners and thinkers from the fields of art, digital culture, design, urban planning, media, and innovation.

Felix Faire

The program has been shaped together with three organisations the European Cities of Advanced Sound and Related Arts (ECAS) network, Cimatics and TodaysArt with the aim of setting up a transnational symposium. Earlier symposiums dedicated to the theme of ‘Tools for an Unknown Future’ were organized by ICAS partners MUTEK and FutureEverything and formed the basis of what we aim to continue on.

Fields such as arts, design, economics, politics, technology, culture and science have never been isolated constructions and are increasingly intertwining, mainly due to current technological acceleration, systems in crises, humanitarian questions and urbanistic developments. However, in order to define our world and make our modern life easier and more understandable, we tend to categorize, separate and exclude. In some ways this is inevitable and logical, but it does not necessarily mean that it is the best way to move forward.
By staging the ‘Tools for an Unknown Future’ theme in the context of the Bright Colissions Summit & the symposium: Disruptive innovation practices for an Unknown Future, TodaysArt & Cimatics aim to reflect on tools as main factors in adapting to developments in order to prepare for future scenarios. Herein participants do not look forward to predict these future scenarios, but look at current practices, developments, labs and other formats which propose tools to analyze, improve and adapt to our world.
After The Hague (TodaysArt 2014) on Thursday 25 September, The ‘Tools for an Unknown Future’ program continues in Brussels, Bozar (BEAF 2014) on Saturday 27 September.

Written by ECAS
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