We can’t believe the Unsound week is already closing – but there’s still one more day of the festival, and we will make sure that the end of The End is going to be suitably celebrated.

Today begins with an experimental workshop curated by Muzykoteka Szkolna and The National Audiovisual Institute at Bunkier Sztuki – come there and make some noise! Entry is free.

Later, make sure you won’t miss one of two performances of ATOM, prepared by Robert Henke and Christopher Bauder. The artwork consists of sound-operated, illuminated helium balloons, floating in the postindustrial space of Laznia Nowa theatre in Nowa Huta. This is definitely a must-see – and once again, entry is free.

“Concealed” is an Unsound-commissioned composition created by Demdike Stare, cellist Danny Norbury and visual artist Michael England and performed with Sinfonietta Cracovia. Sza/Za/Ze, with a special live soundtrack to Stefan and Franciszka Themerson’s short films, will open the evening.

Unsound 2012 will traditionally close with free party madness at Pauza. Come there to see V/VM with their special guest Acid Alan, Dave Tompkins with a Miami Bass set, an array of PAN artists – NHK’Koyxeи, Bass Clef and Bill Kouligas, and finally – Hieroglyphic Being!

See you there!