Personal Soundscapes – Participate now and win

Má Vlast / Mein Vaterland / My Fatherland

Personal Soundscapes is a hands on project. – You can do audio recordings with our Personal Soundscapes smartphone app or just use your own recording gear to send us fragments of your acoustic everday. The website allows you to search, to collect and to download soundscapes of all users of this project. The result is a pool of audio files, that could be used to build your own soundscapes composition.

Here you find the first soundscapecompositions: soundscape-compositions.

You can win: one of our goodie-bags for soundscapers or the admission to a soundscape workshop with Volkmar Klien and a performance in ORF Kunstradio at musikprotokoll 2013.

Personal Soundscapes is a commisioned work from ORF musikprotokoll and ORF Kunstradio. Project partners: Auphonic,, siacus, steirischer herbst and Landesschulrat für Steiermark.