Together with No Siesta Fiesta Festival we bring you SANO and CHARLOTTE BENDIKS. 

22.00-03.00 at Sånn Café in Tromsø


Sano aka Sebastian Hoyos stumbled in to house music as deep as the ocean and is now working with the very successful crew behind the Comeme records label where he releases his music. He has been a key figure in his hometown where he has been part of the crew throwing the illegal underground party series Perro Negro, reviving the spirit of the clubs in the 50s and 60s where thieves, guerilleros and prostitues came together to enjoy music. His music generates the same volume, darkness and sub culture whether he is djing or producing. Give a listen to his brilliantt EP “Chupa”, where the title track is explained to have been made as a jam together with his girlfriend where she sucked his microphone while he was touching her synth:

Charlotte Bendiks

Charlotte Bendiks dj sets focus on sexy dance and body music. Although her main genre is classical house music, her sets are inspired and influenced by music ranging from disco to african groove and latin beats. She is widely known for creating euphoric, hot and sweaty dance floors. She has been playing music and trhrowing many various parties in her hometown of Tromsø since 2006, including the legendary underground house parties “Moist” where video and light installations together with the pumping music was used to create audio-visual-physical experiences. In 2012 she debut on a record release on Correspondant where she collaborated with the german duo Coma on the track “Hanoi”, which was followed by her “Afterhours EP” in 2013. The EP was released on Norwegian pioneer Mental Overdrives LOVE OD Communications and recieved a 9/9 star review in Dj Mag.

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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