MØRK – Peak Activity (SENJA)


Benjamin Mørk is a pianist and composer originally from Senja, but working in Tromsø. Through the years he has contributed on keyboards in a range of different bands and projects.

He started the project MØRK in early 2012, combining minimalist music with his background from rock bands. The debut album “Karasho” was released the same year to great reviews from the press.   To insomnia MØRK has teamed up with the guitarist Kristian Olstad and the drummer Erland Dahlen. Olstad has the latest years gained a reputation for being a guitarist with a distinct sound, fusing his improvisations with electronic manipulations. Dahlen is an acclaimed drummer within a broad artistic field and is known for his contrebutions to artist like Nilse Petter Molwær and Madrugada. The work “Peak Activity” born out of an experiment with distributed performances, musicians playing together over the internet from different locations. Musical the work is based on the dynamics in people’s daily activity on the internet. Technically this is a first time experiment with new software syncing computers over the net and time stamping audio for later synchronization.

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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