MØRK-concert will be streamed at VT

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So, here it is, our last day at this years Insomnia Festival. First of all we would like to thank all of the people who have made Thursday and Friday two very special and memorable nights! YOU are the festival and we love you. Tonight is going to be one for the books.

Bogan Via, Haakon Scene, 21:00

Folk-electronica from the USA that will get inside your head. A perfect, soothing start of the wild Saturday.

Saftronic, Vörter Scene, 21:45

This mystical guy from Bodø is making everything from funky house to detroit-ish techno. He has a wide specter of tunes. This one will surprise you!

Austra, Haakon Scene, 22:30

If you like the XX you will love Austra. Their six people band plays electro-pop and they will make you dance and smile.

Ana Helder, Vörter, 23:15

Hailing from Argentina Ana Helder is a hidden treasure. She will definitely make you dance, sweat and have a super time with her sexy and dirty housebeats.

Side Brok, Haakon Scene, 00:00

Rap in nynorsk, Ivar Aasens homeplace, obscure hip-hop-beats, well. Side Brok is just something you have to experience. This will be weird and awesome at the same time.

Lando, Vörter, 00:45

Very warm and deep sounds awaits you when Lando starts playing. Perfect to see after Ana Helder.

Sex Tags Mania, Haakon Scene, 01:00

DJ Sotofett and DJ Fett Burger from Moss.

Vril, Vörter, 01:15

This years closing act of the festival at Vörter. Inspired by the fathers of Detroit techno, Vril will play a special set that will be remembered.

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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