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The project “metamusic” by alien productions was chosen by an international jury for the this year’s ECAS/musikprotokoll artist in residency. ORF musikprotokoll and the ECAS-network (European Cities of Advanced Sound) is proud to announce, that we support the project and present a first realisation at the next musikprotokoll festival edition in october 2013.

In every bigger city, there is a zoological garden, where animals are on display for the public. A zoo is an architecutral space that widely reflects the relationship we have to the animal world – the more we estimate the rights and needs of the animals, the more we want them to live in ambients replicating their natural habitats rather than in small cages. We understand that boredom is a major problem of living in captivity. Much has to be undertaken to offer new challenges and diversions to the zoo inhabitants.

Our project aims to build electronic sound installations to be used by the animals themselves. Using a wide range of sensors and tools, the animals become able to explore and to play with sounds and sonic moods.

The animals, not the humans, will be in full control of the outcome of this sonic scuplture. It is our intention to build the tools in a close collaboration with scientists and zookeepers. Animals do not use music in the way humans do. Human music means nothing to them. But maybe, thery find meanings and use in sound, which we have not yet discovered, and what we can enjoy once we let them take control themselves.




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alien productions

alien productions was founded 1997 by Andrea Sodomka, Martin Breindl, Norbert Math and August Black as a network for working on the theory and practice of new technologies and media. Their work includes intermedia performances and installations, electronic music, web art, radio art, sound art, interactive art, video, the visual arts and artistic photography. alien productions stands especially for cooperative projects with other artists, technicians, theorists and scientists. alien productions is not a group of artists in a classic sense, but an open network of creative power, where specialists of different provenance work in an interdisciplinary way. alien productions makes public appearances in changing constellations.

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