LOVISA NEGGA (Linköping)


Lovisa Negga is a French Sami electronica artist from Linköping. After two albums, she has now also released a single on Lule sami language, “Miha ja gievrra”. Witch really caught our attention since this language is only spoken by 2000 Lule Samis. 1500 in Sweden and 500 in Norway.

Negga began her music career in pop band The Majority Says autumn 2005, as lead singer and bassist.in 2010 she focused on her solo project wich caught the attention of the band Familien .

Her debut album Kär was released on September 2, 2011, on Neggas label BITE Records . On this album several artists contributed:  Naima Train , Andreas Söderlund from Niccokick , Familien , Peter Engstrom from 047 and Åke Olofsson from Den Svenska Björnstammen.

This is how our friends in Riddu Riddu describes her:

With her unfiltered lyrics and play with words, she has taken the Swedish language to a new level. This is really danceable disco!

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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