LANDO (San Francisco/Berlin)


Lando’s (a.k.a Antaeus Lando Roy) journey started over nine years ago in the Bay Area where he was an active producer and DJ in San Francisco’s underground club scene as one half of Lazer Sword, his ongoing project with Low Limit. Before relocating to Berlin in late 2010, he spent some years in Brooklyn, NY finding his own sound, while holding a residency at CassetteNYC’s roving party alongside Machinedrum, Praveen and Falty DL.

Originally producing sample-based tracks inspired by the outsider, independent record stores he worked at before incorporating more hardware, it’s needless to say, Lando has evolved. His newfound love of early 90′s Detroit techno combined with his ever-growing hardware collection has birthed a distinct, dense sound reminiscent of late-night industrial warehouse parties, more rhythmic and deep than past outputs. A freaked out juggernaut of electronic music, he primarily experiments with various mutations of 4/4 beats, house, techno, electro, Miami bass and acid all woven together, resulting in forward-thinking, danceable tunes that are both heavy and emotive at once.

In 2011, UK blog Sonic Router voted Lando’s podcast #1 Best Mix of the Year and most recently, he completed an exclusive mix for Netherland’s DJBroadcast, which featured a host of unreleased demos, alongside tracks from Jus-Ed, Shed, Gerry Read & Claro Intelecto. His solo DJ profile has been on the rise, with successful debuts at Bloc Festival, Sonar, Glade and Dimensions Festival. On the horizon, Lando can be found further developing his live set, working on his solo full-length and taking on future collaboration projects. Expect more tunes soon via Leisure System, the notorious Berghain party collective, newly unveiled Bay Area based label Icee Hot, as well as a host of soon-to-be-announced future releases on a few select labels and choice compilations.

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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