Krasnoyarsk Media Art Festival – Snow and Art in Siberia

Krasnoyarsk is a city of 1 million people in central Siberia surrounded by thousands of miles of endless pine forests where the Cossacks used to roam.

The temperature is minus 30 degrees, the landscape everywhere white snow and ice. I once made the mistake of using my phone outside, my hands were burning in seconds, and the phone began to shut down.

The Krasnoyarsk Media Art Festival is in its second year and they are keen to create international connections. The British Council invited me to Krasnoyarsk to present FutureEverything and my work at the festival.

I was invited to present on the history of FutureEverything, the role the festival plays in Manchester and internationally, the new media art scene, our work in Open Data, and the emoto data visualisation we developed for London 2012.

My time in Krasnoyarsk was spent with the artists from Moscow and Krasnoyarsk, and the two other international participants, some showing work, others giving talks or workshops. Among them was Alexei Shulgin whose work was featured at FutureEverything in 2005.

Krasnoyarsk Media Art Festival took place 6th to 8th December 2012 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.