Klubb Insomnia at Bastard Bar

This coming Saturday, 21th of September, Insomnia Festival brings you Klubb Insomnia with Lena Willikens (Salon des Amateurs, Cómeme) and our own Charlotte Bendiks (Love OD Communications).

The 12th edition of Insomnia Festival is just around the corner. This Saturday at 21.00 Lena Willikens from Germany, will take you one step closer to the happening of the year in Tromsø. Together with Insomnias own Charlotte Bendiks, the German DJ will bring her sexy sounds to the dancefloor of Bastard Bar. CC is 50 kroner. Remember to bring proper dancing shoes. See you there!

Lena Willikens is a german musician and dj based in cologne. She is known for her stormy attitude in mixing A-class vinyl which ends up in a space of high pressure with no chance for escape. Her groovy, dynamic and impulsive sets and her remarkable records constantly inspire a lot of music-lovers and dancers. While she is playing, she unveils her special taste for the dark side of disco, jackin underground house, rough and funky rythms. Affiliated with the label Cómeme, she played at different Cómeme label parties from Santiago De Chile to Cologne making the crowd go crazy.Lena is as well resident dj at Salon des Amateurs (Düsseldorf) playing alongside guests like Matias Aguayo, I:Cube, Rune Lindbaek, Traxx, Gilb´R, Jamal Moss and many other great musicians and djs. Her DJ style is dirty, rough and bizarre – full of love for the spirit of rare good music and the will to surprise; driven also by the will to make people dance to tunes they have never heard before.In addition she plays the theremin and other electronic devices in the noise duo Titanoboa with Melanie Wratil (Institut Fuer Feinmotorik).

Charlotte Bendiks´ dj-sets focus on sexy dance and body music. Although her main genre is classical house music, her sets are inspired and influenced by music ranging from disco to african groove and latin beats. She is widely known for creating euphoric, hot and sweaty dance floors. She has been playing music and trhrowing many various parties in her hometown of Tromsø since 2006, including the legendary underground house parties “Moist” where video and light installations together with the pumping music was used to create audio-visual-physical experiences. In 2012 she debut on a record release on Correspondant where she collaborated with the german duo Coma on the track “Hanoi”, which was followed by her “Afterhours EP” in 2013. The EP was released on Norwegian pioneer Mental Overdrives LOVE OD Communications and recieved a 9/9 star review in Dj Mag.

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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