Inside FE

Having worked with FutureEverything in marketing and communications for over a year now I’ve met an array of incredible people, attended a volume of awe inspiring events, and had my mind refreshed an extraordinary amount of times. My role as Marketing Assistant and Social Media Manager has me at the front of this exciting, eclectic, and forward looking organisation, and it’s hard not to get caught up in it all.

For me, Birgitta Jónsdóttir summed up FutureEverything in the most eloquent way during her Keynote in 2012, “the brave new world, the FutureEverything island” and it’s true. FutureEverything is that, and more; a nexus point for people and ideas, a new land established carved out between academia, technology, industry, and of course, good fun.

As we approach 2013 the ships are starting to appear on the horizon yet again, heading to port with their fresh cargo of ideas and advances, stories of progress and barriers bettered. It’s because of this I’m glad I’ve managed to find somewhere to set up camp on this island where, to reinterpret someone’s old strap-line, the future looks to be bright; especially if this island’s habitués have anything to do with it.

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