Hacking The Future for Twenty Years

We have been hacking the future since 1995. Its a little mind boggling to believe, but FutureEverything will be twenty years old in 2015. Over the years we have presented hundreds of future-facing ideas and projects. Many of these have foretold today’s always-on digital world.

But talking about the future is so last century. Today people dont talk about the future. They build it. Code it. Hack it.

Now the future arrives in new versions and releases, and everything imaginable is instantanly available at a single click.

The ethos of FutureEverything is to _bring the future into the present_. We present projects that give an experience of the future, today. The future is what we make, and there are many futures not one.

To mark our 20th anniversary we are doing something special. In March 2013 we are staging a one-off Summit, to launch a two year programme leading up to 2015, including the FutureEverything 2014 festival in March 2014.

Oh and we have a very special project on the boiler too, more on that soon.

For those of you remember, we used to be called Futuresonic, and there was the Social Technologies Summit, and all those countless projects, exhibitions and events, but hey, who’s looking back!

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