Way back when… back in the days before I was a respectable conference manager working for a respected digital media festival I spent my days downloading obscure video content from Kazaa and making bootleg mashups with it. This was pre YouTube and only in the first flushes of Final Cut Pro so there was an analogue and DIY feel to our endeavours – I ran with a VJ crew and together we played across the world, sourcing content from VHS and generally running roughshot over every copyright law we could find.

I thought I’d share 2 of these videos with you that I produced in those heady days – as a means of hat-tipping the past as we launch the future. It’s a double-bill exploration of hackers and hacking culture from the perspective of confused mid-90′s news anchors – part one links Chuck D, Pete Waterman, ‘Frankie Mouse’ and an anonymous pirate who has downloaded “nearly 40 movies” including Legally Blonde and Miss Congeniality with a stone-cold electro classic.

Part two, subtitled Hackers Lament, is a gentle reprise through Englishness, technology, BBC programming and the opinions of Dick Sizer, from the British Computer Society. I think we can all agree; a generally more innocent time.

These serve as a little time capsule – not only for the attitude and technology of the early days of popular computing, but also for a time when I could seemingly do this for living and still get by, and when the Future Sound of London was an acceptable soundtrack to everything…!

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