Four of the FutureEverything team travelled to Barcelona for a week of meetings, talks and workshops at the project launch. Not one but three major EU climate science projects were launched simultaneously. This brought together the leading climate scientists from around the world.

Our work applies art and design to prototype futures and to communicate complexity, and many of the artists we work with are themselves deeply immersed in science and technology.

We were the only creative company in the consortium. Our friends at the Met Office had to convince other partners to invite us. But when we presented at the launch event we found ourselves much in demand.

It was an inspiring week of deep immersion among some very serious climate scientists, physicists, oceonographers. We love a challenge and finding ourselves involved (and sometimes chairing) deep debates in disciplines that are totally alien to us.

Our collaboration with the Met Office runs back to 2008, and the Environment 2.0 projects in 2009. Then we tested playful techniques for citizens to generate datasets the Met Office could not access in any other way.

Photo: homer4k

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