Design vs Music 2013

Design event under Insomnia Festival, in Tromsø // Norway, created by Tank Design and supported by Grafill.

Guests: Kok Pistolet (NL)

Kok Pistolet is a not so ordinary design studio, founded in 2010 by Floris Schrama and Sacha van den Haak. Both studying Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, they found they had common interests, humor and above all, a mutual opinion about their future profession. Single handedly reforming the academies design studio after graduation (a job now well wanted, but a job frowned upon back in the day), the couple was asked to join Studio Dumbar in Rotterdam. Finally, after a couple of years experience was gained, their ideology ripened and Kok Pistolet was a fact.

Kok Pistolet has a keen eye for the unsaid, the unknown and sometimes even the unwanted. But however absurd an initial idea may be, they will find a way to work it back to an authentic, clear and very communicative solution. A solution that does not look like anything seen before, and exactly fit for the assignment given.

HERE is the Facebook-event.

And here you can find Kok Pistolets webpage.

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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