Day two at Insomnia Festival

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First of all WOW, Thursday was a blast. People arrived early, they danced, and it was all in all super fun. Fortunately there will be loads of fun today. Our bookers have done a superb job serving us acts such as, Jenny Hval, Todd Terje, Dungen, Shed, Blót + more.

We will guide you through the evening right here right now.

Holly Herndon, Verdensteatret Kafé & Bar (Cinemateket), 19:00

Our first concert today will be very interesting. Holly builds most of her gear herself and composes sounds that are hard to put a tag on. You just have to go to VT and check it out. We can promise that you will be a special and memorable performance.

Jenny Hval, Verdensteatret Kafé & Bar (Cinemateket), 20:00

Jenny has a beautiful voice and is a true artist in many ways. Her music could be described as jazzy, but here it is difficult to tag it. We are very excited to go a bit out of the electronic world and to invite you into Jenny´s wonderful world.

Selma, Haakon Scene, 21:00

Selma is our own product. She is quite new to the DJ-game but she has quickly developed into a good and entertaining DJ. She will warm you up for what is set to be an awesome evening.

Blót, Haakon Scene, 22:00

Blót is one of the most exciting bands in Tromsø these days. They have not existed for a long time, but have already amused people with their psychedelic music. Let them take you into their universe. This concert you have to see!

Lovisa Negga, Vörter Scene, 22:30

As the first artist at Vörter Scene today Lovisa Negga will kick it all off with her catchy electro-pop. She is a super cool girl who sings in swedish and sami. This is a power boost that you need to see!

Dungen, Haakon Scene, 23:30

We are so excited to have the swedish band Dungen here today on Rock Friday. With roots in progressive rock, soothing swedish vocals, and amazing melodies we hope to bring you your new favorite band, if you don´t already know them!

Legowelt, Vörter Scene, 00:15

Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt is truly a treat. His sounds take you from dense techno to whizzing electro. He has made many albums and they are often a highlight of the year for a lot of people. His set will fit perfectly for the dark and mystical Vörter Scene.

Todd Terje, Haakon Scene, 00:45

Norway´s most popular artist since A-ha? YES! Todd Terjes popularity has exploded the past year with the release of his past EPs. We can guarantee you that you will dance, have fun and just smile the whole time. Terje is a brilliant DJ who really knows how to work the crowd.

Shed, Vörter Scene, 01:30  

This techno-veteran will bring Berlin and Berghain (supercool techno-club) to Tromsø. If you like techno you will definitely love Shed. He is a mastermind in what he does.


PS! Remember to show up early at VT as it is limited seating.

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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