Day one at Insomnia Festival

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As day one at our festival is here you might have questions about times and artists. Who to check out and who is playing where at Driv. We will give you the answers.

Truls Puls, Haakon Scene 21:00

Experience DJ from Bodø in Northern Norway. He has been in the game for a long time and has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. If your dancing foot is restless after the rainy and snowy october days, this guy will help you get started!

B0ka, Haakon Scene, 21:45

These guys are funky! With their five member band they will definitely do their best to take over where Truls Puls left it. If you don´t feel like dancing by now, well, you should have an aching foot and a doctors note.

Sander Mölder, Vörter Scene, 22:30

Sander is a wonder child from Estonia who is classical trained, but produces everything from funk to deep house to garage. He has visited Tromsø before, and knows how to get the crowd working. By this point everyone will be dancing.

Xosar, Haakon Scene, 23:15

Sexy. That is the right word to use when describing this fresh woman from The Hague in the Netherlands. Her sounds are warm, funky, deep, and takes you from through the house landscape and over into techno in just a swosh. This is a must see performance.

TM404, Vörter Scene, 00:00

Andreas Tilliander from Sweden is surely a special character. He records all his songs live, which is a unique way of operating within today´s electronic music. His project is dark, dubby and will bring a tear to every analog lovers eye. He will fit perfectly into the mystical scenery of Vörter Scene.

Ateq, Haakon Scene, 00:15

To close it up at the main stage we have a perfect guy for the task. Ateq has a shamanic sound, a sound that will force itself deep inside of you. Minimal, deep, dark, but uplifting and positive at the same time.

See you all on the dancefloor! This is the start of the last Insomnia event at Bangsundbrygga. Join us for a memorable night!

Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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