Communicating the Nature of Uncertainty


FutureEverything is a core partner in a large European project, the European Provision Of Regional Impacts Assessments on Seasonal and Decadal Timescales (EUPORIAS). The project, which forms part of the European Commission’s Framework 7 Programme, aims to connect new research into seasonal to decadal (S2D) climate models with real world end users and beneficiaries. This is happening through a project stakeholder network and a process of active collaboration with ongoing service prototyping.

EUPORIAS is a four year long programme, and throughout the length of the project a series of prototype climate services will be designed and implemented, allowing real world end users across multiple sectors to benefit from, and contribute to, the emerging industry of S2D climate services.

From 1st – 3rd October 2013, the EUPORIAS General Assembly took place at SMHI in Norrkoping, Sweden, and was an opportunity for project partners and stakeholders to provide updates on the progress of their individual areas of work within the programme. FutureEverything’s Head of Innovation Projects, Julian Tait, and I attended the Assembly, where we participated in and ran a series of workshops on climate service prototype development as well as communications strategy for stakeholders and partners. The General Assembly was intense, productive and rewarding, and saw us collaborating with a multitude of international institutions involved in the project, including the World Health Organisation, the Met Office, New York Columbia University, IC3 Catalonia, Meteo Swiss, the University of Leeds, and many others.

During the Assembly we presented the work we have been undertaking on visualising uncertainty in climate service modelling, and communicating stakeholder engagement. We have been developing a visual identity for the programme alongside Norr Design (Helsinki), and developing a project communications and dissemination plan in conjunction with the UK’s Met Office. We also outlined our overall communications vision for the project over the coming years, and over the length of the project we are looking forward to engaging with designers, visualisation experts and artists in increasing the tangibility and wider impact of this potentially world changing area of research and climate service development.

Find out more about EUPORIAS here and here.

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