Call: Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality Projects

TodaysArt – in cooperation with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – is looking for Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality projects. Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality allows the creation of fascinating new types of user interfaces, and are beginning to show significant impact on societies and industries. The field is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together signal processing, computer vision, computer graphics, user interfaces, human factors, wearable computing, mobile computing, computer networks, displays and sensor technology, to name just a few.

TodaysArt  invites artists, designers, creative technologists, architects, urbanists, and scholars to explore the potential of Mixed and Augmented Reality within their respective fields. The deadline for applications is the 9th of September. 
Existing projects that can be adapted to this areas are welcomed. All submissions must be designed for – or adapted to – the urban area of The Hague. If you would like to propose a project, please contact us.