Buqs’ are electronic lifeforms that shift the experience of the streetscape from the primarily visual to a more auditory experience. The project aims to divert the invasion of the virtual realm into our public spaces by emphasizing the physical.

The lifeforms invade surfaces within the built environment and use them for the creation of sounds, exploring the city as an instrument through it’s material properties. Popular embedded technologies including cheap radios and microcontrollers are used for a new purpose. Instead of measuring and control, the electronic lifeform is used to explore, inspire and rethink how man and machine can relate to their built surroundings. The ‘Buqs’ project by Teun Verkerk + Joris

Hoogeboom was chosen as the winning submission of the Ubiquitous Art and Sound open call of the ECAS (European Cities of Advanced Sound and related arts) network. ECAS is supported by the European Union within the Culture Programme. The project was developed in collaboration with TodaysArt, FutureEverything and Insomnia. The technical realisation was supported by Bekking Electronics Design and Karrenbeld Design. Fablab facilities were provided by the Science Centre Delft.

By Teun Verkerk + Joris Hoogeboom

Here you can find Buqs´Facebook page.

Here you can find ECAS webpage.

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Written by Stiftelsen Insomnia
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