BETWEEN | YOU | AND | ME – Anke Eckardt

[nggallery id=3] Anke Eckardt is a sound and media artist. Born in Dresden, she now lives and works in Berlin. Her work encompasses sculpture and installations as well as a theoretical discourse on the phenomenology of sounds. Formerly she worked as a professional sound technician and cultural manager for music and art events. She was awarded the residency based upon her submission of the Sound sculpture.

This is an installation that plays upon the illusion of a ‘falling’ sound. Although the sound is immaterial, it appears to drop like a stone into a tank of black liquid, causing an eruption and overflow of waves that gradually pattern the white floor black.

In selecting Anke for the 2011 residency, the jury said: “Normally we think in causality which is a mindset that emerges out of our body-environment interaction. Digital culture, or the creation of realities just by immaterial codes, reveals the boundaries of our body-based way of thinking. ‘!’ deals with this empirically-based interpretation of our world, and the economics of data-reduction in our perception. ‘!’ lets us experience and acknowledge this form of constructivist perception. We become aware that we think in terms of causality, where maybe just parallel occurrences exist (Levy). Initiated by immediate sensory experience it makes us think about the inadequacy of the mechanistic paradigm in digital culture. “- Werner Jauk

As part of her residency Anke created a new work: BETWEEN | YOU | AND | ME

Multisensory Installation (2011) by Anke Eckardt Adjustable in size: width 4-6m / height 3,40-5,70m Materials: 12 ultrasonic loudspeakers 2 floorshakers 2 projectors / 1 hazer 2 infrared cameras

BETWEEN | YOU | AND | ME is an interactive wall of sound and light.

Like any other wall, it redefines an existing architectural space. Instead of stone, this wall consists of dynamic, ephemeral media: infrasound, ultrasound and beams of light within the air. Unlike the many immaterial yet separative ‘walls’ throughout society, BETWEEN | YOU | AND | ME is a wall people can walk through, experiencing oneself and others in forms of separation or attraction. Sound has the ability to fill a given space, which is why we use hearing for orientation in everyday life. Beyond this internalized body-space-relation, sound can be highly directed (up to the point of appearing ‘unnatural’) by the amplification of frequencies above and below the human hearing range. Within the installation ultrasonic loudspeakers form a row of ‘acoustic torch lights’ which can be mainly heard inside the wall. In the same defined area, infrasonic vibrations can be felt, transmitted via the floor into the visitors’ bodies. Visually, the wall is an empty gate which marks the outer boundaries of the wall. Only through the visitor’s proximity, a wall of light appears out of the darkness; a cuboid of light which is to be entered. BETWEEN | YOU | AND | ME is an open system, reactive to the audience. Upon entering and leaving sound and light sharpens and diffuses, rises and ebbs.

Anke Eckardt’s residency is co-funded by the EU Culture Programme (2007-2013) and the artist-in-residence grant of the Saxon State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Fine Arts 2011, in co-operation with City of Dresden.