How to become a member

Welcome to ICAS – the Network of Festivals dedicated to advanced Sound and related Visual Arts!

To guarantee the quality of the network and to facilitate the membership application process, we did set up some guidelines for application as follows:

The First Step to an active membership
a) Read the Communique on our website thoughtfully and decide if you agree
b) You have to have two representatives of the network (your godfathers) who are supporting your membership application
c) Write a short motivation letter including a short description of your festival, your curatorial approach, the context you are in with your event.
d) Send the short motivation letter, descriptions, and names of the godfathers to your godfathers, they will start the discussion within the members group.

The further process:
Your information will be revised by your godfathers and then put into discussion with the whole group of members.
You will be informed the latest three months in advance before one of the bigger yearly meetings if you are accepted.

In case you have further questions, please contact your godfathers.

Looking forward to meeting you!




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